Gift of Eternal Life

Chris Phillips

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


There is a unique story in each of us. Where that story begins, how it unfolds and how it will end are vital parts of our considerations. We are usually pretty clear about how it is currently unfolding but the other two ends of the spectrum are often clouded or confused by conflicting religious beliefs and mythology.The objective of this series, ';Pleasure and Pain', is to shed some light on the process by which we grow in spirit. After almost 50 years of working as a psychologist, visiting over 36 countries and working with thousands of people who have told me their story, I can see some patterns to our spiritual growth. I can also see good reasons to put aside many religious teachings and more clearly focus on the nature of the human spirit. This means that instead of looking at ';Original Sin' we need to focus on our ';Original Blessings' and recognize that we are eternal beings. But the Gift of Eternal Life involves both pleasure and pain. For various reasons, some of us enjoy more of the first and suffer less of the second. For other people the reverse is true. In this book we identify some of the underlying reasons and explore some ways to make a positive difference.

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