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Ray Groschen

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Sachbuch / Esoterik: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


The exciting true story about one person who has had more UFO sightings than anyone else on Earth. The remarkable story follows Ray Groschen, no matter where he lived or with whom, the UFO's followed. Here's what makes this amazing true story so very special: 20 separate UFO sightings and 74 total UFO craft seen. The author has seen many different types of UFOs such as; A squadron of 16 ships flying in V formation right above authors house A black triangular UFO above neighbors' backyard A silver bell-shaped UFO above a 7-Eleven during the day Two saucer-shaped UFO's above the author and his son while fishing 27 Orb UFOs surrounded his home while he his wife and him were outside And the author witnessed a UFO fly into a wormhole. Pictures of the of all the UFO's and wormhole witnessed. Other witnesses tell their story of the UFO sightings.

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