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Why Did I Get Saved?

How Christianity Failed Me But Jesus Filled Me

Derek D Diaz

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"Derek carries the friendship of God on his life and his story will awaken you to walk in a closer and more intimate way with God." - Corey Russell, Pastor at Upper Room Dallas


"An inspiring testimony of how Jesus can mend the deepest wounds, restore identity, and release us into abundant freedom." - Karina Nardi, Biblical Counselor

"It is my belief that everyone whose eyes glance at the pages of this book will feel the love and desire Christ has for them." - Dr. Timothy Bradford, Associate Pastor 

"Derek successfully bridges the gap between his own personal struggle with loss, betrayal, pride, and anguish with the present redemption of Jesus within his own story which expresses God's desire to "work all things for good for those who love Him and are called by His purpose." - Daniel Gurry, Founder of 4 Corners International

"His written story seeks to draw love out of the hearts of his readers" - Grant Waldron, Graduate Student, Dallas Theological Seminary

What is salvation for the Christian if not a true encounter with the person of love? Derek Diaz's story is one that churns the stomachs of the readers to question why they got saved by sharing freely his heartaches and triumphs that led to his radical encounter with the person of Christ.

"Why Did I Get Saved" is personal, emotional, and transformational in its entirety, pushing the readers to look into the eyes of Christ through Derek's riveting journey.

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