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Black Shonen


Sir Isaac

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


 Black Shonen:

Homunculus Saga

Juliet Valentine never had a normal life. Romeo Valentine, her late father, was a part of a secret organization that went by the name "The Society of the unknown." When her father dies and Juliet escapes from her abusive uncle with her father's giant robot, she is abducted into the same organization as her father and placed under the Black Shonen secret agents. Black Shonen is a group of rookie agents between the ages of 16-21, their job is to hunt and defeat anything paranormal. However, it has been years since the Society of the Unknown have fought anything paranormal in their world, but when a terrorist group called The Enlightenment from another world comes to Terra Firma Juliet along with her comrades are forced to take the mission. Watch as Juliet and her Brothers and Sisters in arms work their way to the top, fighting weird creatures, trying to figure out boys, and figure out who they are as their personalities make everything more complicated.



black lives matter, Anime, adventure, Young Adult, action, YA, romance, sci-fi, urban fiction, superheroes