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Cowboy Of The Road

True Stories of His Survival

Valerie M Pontbriand, Marcel Pontbriand

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Childhood or wildhood?

This collection of stories begins with a young boy whose cleverness, ability, and determination are more in line with an adult rather than the curious-minded six-year-old that we are introduced to in the first story.

Normal was never to be a part of Marcel Pontbriand's life. Orphaned at the tender young age of 14 and with only pennies to his name, you'll read about how he took to the ice roads of Canada and met with fear, tragedy, and obstacles that only few could even imagine.

Challenge, defeat, and the curses of Mother Nature would forge the young Marcel into a focused dreamer who would plan, re-examine his situation, and promise himself a better life, all the while pledging to help others along the way.

Just like the highways of Canada and the U.S.A., it's never a straight path to meet a timeline and a destination.These stories will take you on an adventure of one man's life that was intertwined with controversy, crime, and corruption.It's been a truckin' hard life for Marcel Pontbriand, a life that he would not change in the least, because it molded him into what he became to be called; Cowboy of the Road

He has driven more than 5 million miles behind the wheel of his Peterbilt rig.

So, let us begin this incredible collection of true tales right now!

Stories about life and death, corruption and life problems.

This book is one of the best memoirs of all time and relates to a young ice road trucker who has overcome so many hurdles. Please enjoy one of the best biography.

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