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Plumbing ~101~

Sherman L Turner

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(Plumbing ~101~) Questions and Answers authored by (Master Plumber) providing visuals to educate all ages from first grade to college education! Have a Plumbing emergency? You can't get a Plumber? You want to save more money ($$$)? Learn secrets from a (Master-Plumber). The emergency chapter's visuals by (Master Plumber) will "aid you to become the Plumber" increasing your savings 100%.


(Plumbing ~101~) Gives special (DIY) Chapters #7 and #8 to help you in your hour of crisis! The emergency chapter's visuals and presentations by (Master Plumber) will "aid you to become the Plumber" increasing your savings 100%. In emergencies you do what, you can do, to save family and home. 

Book Introduction


The Author and Master Plumber, SL Turner realize that in today's tough economy many people are wanting to know how to upkeep their homes and repairs at the same time while trying to increase savings.


Therefore, Plumbing ~101~ book will enlighten their efforts towards saving $100 and $1K the easy way! The information in this book is designed to help make your cost saving decisions more lucrative.


Master Plumber, Author SL Turner has work as a Plumbing Inspector, a Journeyman Plumber, and a Plumbing Estimator. As a businessman he uses all three (3) levels of his experience to serve the people in the communities. 


It is a known fact that most plumbers depend on your ignorance as their measurement for writing up your bill. At my three (3) levels of plumbing experience I found out, this to be true. That is why I decided to try and write a book that will benefit the consumer's rather than the Plumbers.


This book purpose is not to help you become a do-it-yourselfer (DIY) book but more so as a source of information that is "not privy" too many. As a retired Master Plumber and small businessperson this information, will benefit small businesses and all homeowners also.


Many homeowners and small businesses are getting ripped-off by unscrupulous large Contractors. This book will help you make better informed decisions to increase your home savings.


Plumber ~101~ is the first book of its kind with many dynamic answers helping to reduce plumbing costs and Contractor rip-offs. These new dynamic answers benefit the consumers, homeowners and contractors. 

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