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JAY THE GREAT (a modern retelling of The Great Gatsby)

Benjamin Frost

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In 1925, F. Scott Fitzgerald's THE GREAT GATSBY was first published, capturing the spirit of a decadent generation. Now nearly a century later, Benjamin Frost has delivered a modern retelling of the classic novel, one which honors the structure and scenery of the original, while shining a new light on its characters and themes.

Dominick is a college freshman with a simple goal: to be seen as a bona fide scholar. He's just arrived in Boston as a transfer student, having left the Midwest to pursue an East Coast education. Over the course of one fateful semester, he finds himself trapped in a thick web of drama.

At the center sits his cousin, the vibrant Lily, on the cusp of graduation but suffering through a toxic relationship. Her other half is Todd, a mansplaining jock with no shortage of secrets and no patience to keep them.

Soon Dominick's attention turns to his upstairs neighbor, an enigmatic figure named Jayda, who is renowned as a scientific genius but may be closer to a con-woman. Her chemical parties are the talk of campus, all thanks to an optical invention that promises something bold: to change how you see the world.

Underneath layers of wealth and mystique, Jayda is a lonely soul consumed by a dream. She's blinded by the past, convinced it holds the key to her only chance at happiness. But when secrets come out and her love for Lily is revealed, the future spells disaster on a tragic scale.

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