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CHEMICAL INSENSITIVITY: How the Environment Cost Me My Life

My Struggle with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Sandy Major

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A compelling account of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity illness (MCS): 

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a modern environmental illness that is difficult to live with, often misdiagnosed, and frustratingly misunderstood by many people. This book provides one woman's detailed story of her inklings of illness, its relentless worsening, discovering the cause of her odd symptoms, and the realization of the changes and impact it would have on her life. It also provides a comparison of her experience with another woman's long-term MCS, including the similarities and differences between them. This book includes some of the latest medical findings of the MCS condition, a description of the quirks of the illness and their medical explanations. Learn what can be expected during the course of the illness, numerous tips on how to live with it, and suggestions for others who wish to support you.

Unfortunately, we are all susceptible to this illness in our modern chemical-laden world. Will your stress, circumstance and/or genetics, together with hundreds of detectable chemicals in your body, change your immune system forever? Do you know what is really causing your cough, your anxiety, your inability to focus, your inability to sleep well, or your brain fog? Find out what you can do to help ward off MCS.

It was Sandy's wish that any net proceeds from the sale of this book be donated to a charitable organization dedicated to research into MCS. It is our intent to honor her wishes.



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