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Forbidden Tales

Luke Kenneth Xaviar

ca. 12,99 (Lieferbar ab 01. September 2022)
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Belletristik / Horror


In the Place Where The Bad Kids Go, a boys' basketball camp gets a substitute counselor, what could possibly go wrong? EVERYTHING

In The Journal of Dr. J.T. Martian, Doctor Martian is confronted with a baby that has a fatal condition, only for the child to be miraculously healed moments later. Join Doctor Martian as he is confronted by the horror behind this miracle and ask yourself this question, is there anything worse then death?

In the small Michigan town of Juliet, there have been a number of seemingly unconnected suicides. But, Detective Carrie Sanddrum sees a pattern. But, will she have enough time to get to the bottom of what's happening before anyone else dies?



short stories, Horror, anthology, Supernatural