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Stories from the Winter Fire

Joseph Williams

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


"Stories From the Winter Fire is a great read, deeply moving and insightful. Joe Williams is a very talented storyteller as he weaves in and out of his compelling stories illuminating truths. These stories illustrate our hearts embrace of the great mystery. They are very timely in today's society as we try to exist in harmony during such challenging times. This is an inspiring reminder that Divine Spirit guides us with love and protects us all."

Grandmother Mamma Bear

Cheryl V. Ward


"I have read these stories and they are wonderful! These words and prayers are powerful and heartwarming. I want to thank you for sharing this work with me. I am honored."

Patty Grant

Grandmother and Elder

Cherokee nation

Cherokee N.C.

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mankind, stories of beginning, generosity, Native American history, oral tradition, love, enlightenment, joy, self-awareness