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Jesus Christ Had Negro Blood in His Veins (1901)

Dr. William Lucius Hunter

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


"Proves that Jesus Christ had Negro blood in his veins." -The Crusader (1987)

"One of the most popular black histories at the turn of the century." -The Black People of America (1970)

"Popularized the black origins of ancient Israelites." -American Jewish History (1997)

"Hunter...argued that 'if He was living in the United States of America today He would be called a negro.'" -The End of Days (2016)

"W.L. Hunter...aimed to prove that Jesus Christ had Nero blood in His veins." Alan Keyes, Our Character, Our Future (1996)

"Claims about black people's place in antiquity that we associate today with Afrocentrism." - We Can't Go Home Again (2001)

"Black theologians excoriated the white God...this thought found its 20th century expression in works such as 'Jesus Christ Had Negro Blood in His Veins." - Moses, Jesus, and the Trickster in the Evangelical South (2012)

"The Lord God not only honored the black man by allowing him to bear the cross of Jesus Christ, God honored Ham by allowing or having His Son Jesus Christ carry negro blood His veins," explains African-American scholar Dr. William Lucius Hunter in introducing "Jesus Christ Had Negro Blood in His Veins," a ground-breaking 30-page book first published in 1901.

Hunter, an African-American clergyman, turned medical doctor researched biblical lineages to link Jesus to African Americans as a means to fight segregation, lynchings, and abuse. Tracing biblical lineages, Hunter drew the conclusion that "Jesus Christ came nearer being a black man than a white man, or at least a very dark man." Of course, this meant that whites were unknowingly worshipping a black deity.

Dr. Hunter questioned how white people would react when Jesus returned with black skin:

"Now, the thought that presents itself to us is, what will the negro-hating white Christians do when He comes to take charge of His church, and they find that He is a black Savior? Will the white man worship a black Savior? Yet, that is what they do every day in the week, and must forever do or have no Savior at all, for we have proven in this chapter that the incarnate Savior was nearer a black than a white man, and if He was living in the United States of America today He would be called a Negro."

About the author:

African-American Dr. William Lucius Hunter, M.D., (1850-1915) was a Brooklyn physician who graduated the University of Buffalo in 1890 and was formerly a clergyman of the African Methodist-Episcopal Church.



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