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REACH YOUR KIND In Diaspora Missions

'People Groups' Among Migrants

John Idoko

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


There are different kinds of people moving out of rural areas into urban centers, moving from the North into the South daily; different kinds of people among northern migrants and immigrants in the neighborhood of the Church. And there are also different kinds of believers in the Church who interface and interact with these different "people groups" daily in the marketplace. This daily interfacing between migrants and believers into host communities present great ministry opportunities for believers to reach their kind with the gospel of salvation.

This book presents the constantly changing kaleidoscope of migrating "people groups" into the neighborhoods of all our churches today. The author then suggests linking up specific social -economic groups within local churches with these migrating 'people groups' for the purpose of Gospel outreach. Reach Your Kind in Diaspora Missions clearly highlights for believers that irrespective of their location, profession, church affiliation and station in life, each should reach his/her kind. It gives a specific list of 'people groups' among migrants in order to make the work of Diaspora Missions more focused and effective.

Right where you stand... reach your kind in diaspora missions.



discipleship, evangelism, islam and christianity, missions to muslims, interfaith relationships, missions: ministry to muslims