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By the Spirit Schellida, Eliana Machado Coelho

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Sachbuch / Sonstiges


Gilda is a rich woman, married to businessman, Adalberto, she is Lara, Eduardo and Erika's mom. She is arrogant, overbearing and proud, she always gets what she wants thanks to her social position. But life takes many turns.

Gilda's problems begin when Lara dies in a car accident. The problems increase when her daughter Erika falls in love with Juan Carlos, a gym instructor and... black. And they get even bigger when Eduardo gets involved with Helena, a simple and modest ... humble... girl

In No Rules to Love, once again the spirit Schellida transmits us elevated lessons about true love in the spiritual plane, showing us that the color of the skin and social position are simply passing earthly experiences. It is imperative to value one's feelings and inner self.

Through the psychography of Eliana Machado Coelho, Schellida shows us, with clarity, that pure love has no rules and cannot be subordinated to pride and vanity. It is bigger and freer because it comes from God!

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Kardecism, Spiritism, Suicide, Reincarnation, Alcoholism, AIDS, Mediumship, Homosexuality, Visions, Clairvoyance, Depression