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How They Make It Work... 21 Habits of a Successful Marriage

A Practical Guide to Healthier Relationships

Ed Wimberly

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Throughout the course of my 45 years in private practice, I have at times wondered how it is that some couples do so well beyond therapy and on their own to improve and progress, while others who initially improve through the counseling process seem to fall back into many of their old and self-defeating habits. It took me a while but I now understand that often, those couples who fall back into their old destructive habits usually do so because they neglect to replace them with new and productive ones. Removing dysfunctional habits must be followed by developing new and healthy habits. "How They Make it Work..." addresses 21 new habits I have consistently observed through follow-up contacts that seem to help couples continue to thrive and to grow on their own beyond professional intervention. At the end of each of the 21 chapters are several questions designed to help you process together the new habits that are being suggested here. Since they have worked for others, there is more than a good chance they will work for you. Testimonials "Dr. Wimberly's book was thought provoking, straight forward and easy to apply in our effort to build a healthier, more successful marriage." Barbie Krabacher, early childhood educator "Rich in wisdom and helpful insights from an experienced therapist" Gordon Hess, Ph.D., retired therapist "HOW THEY MAKE IT WORK...21 Habits of a Successful Marriage is a straight forward guide to helping and healing any relationship. If you want to love and be loved in your relationship, here is a compass to help find your way". Noah BenShea, international best selling author, philosopher and speaker. "More than just a list of ideas to make a marriage better. Ed's book tackles the tough and underlying issues that can sabotage a relationship." B. Kirkpatrick, author of "Hard Left" and "The Resurrection of Johnny Roe". "Dr. Wimberly has with wisdom, humor and common sense, translated psychological principles into a highly useful guide for couples who want to improve their relationship". Dr. James Hilkey, forensic psychologist.