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Greed in the Church

Burmin Hill

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


The attention of many in the church has been misdirected away from the love of God to the love of money, wealth, and possessions. Yes! God does bless his people, but false prophets, false doctrines, the spirit of deception, and greed in the heart is causing many individuals to forget the purpose of God's call. He first called us to his Son, Jesus, then to salvation, love, mercy, forgiveness, humility, and in this process, he will provide for us so that we do not have to sell our souls to survive or have what we need. Sometimes, we look more at what we want than what we really need; we need him""the Lord! Everything else comes with having him first. What message are churches giving to the younger generations? The children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of some of God's people are learning one lesson""one bad lesson""that God is a bank where they can go only to make withdrawals and never make a deposit; a deposit of their lives to him. For when their needs are met, they do not return to the house of God again until there's another need. The churches must change from sending this kind of message, especially to the younger generations. Greed and the love of money can lead us down the wrong path and blind us. In Jesus's temptation in the wilderness, Satan offered him all the kingdoms and riches of the world. Jesus rejected and refused all of it because he loved the Father more, and he did not want anything from Satan. Would you want a friend, husband, wife, etc. to love you because of what they can get from you? I would hope that the church, all the body of Christ, would more and more see God as the loving Father that he is, forgiving, merciful, long-suffering, and always waiting for us to come and not look at him as someone we go to only when we need something; the Lord God and his Son, Jesus, are to be loved, worshipped, praised, and adored. To all the sheep, apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists, teachers, and all the body of the Lord Jesus who have lost sight of who the Lord is and have lost sight of the purpose of his call, let the Word of God restore the vision of himself to you again.