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God is Everything. He is Everywhere. Glory to The Lord.

Erin Allen

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Are you searching for your soulmate? The one the Lord has created just for you? Do you feel like you are searching for love in world that has none? Do you feel rejected, unloved, unwanted, like you are missing an experience you know you should be having?

Please enjoy this book as you journey into my road to salvation with Jesus Christ. Evil, magic, prophesies, witchcraft spells, lust, betrayal, growth, forgiveness, healing, and love. Everything. Just like our God is everything.

If you haven't yet, please get a relationship with the Lord Christ Jesus. He is our salvation from this world. Take head: If a person is preforming magic and wonders but is not acknowledging our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and HIS basic principles, then they are not with God. This is a true story.

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