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Harmony in the Home

Norine Kane

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The Christian family should be the very foundation for our faith. It is the starting place to begin to apply the Word of God to our lives. Psalm 46 states that God is our refuge and strength and a very present help in trouble. Did you know that God set the home in place to be a refuge, to renew our strength when we are weary? It should be a place we can go when we are in trouble to find help for our problems. Does your home represent a haven of rest and refreshment? Sad to say, many of our homes don't present this picture at all. Some family members may go as far as to say their home may be the last place they would want to go after a hard day at school or the office. Harmony in the Home won't create a utopia where there are no problems, but it will promise a more harmonious way to deal with them.

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