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What Dementia Taught Me

A 21-Day Devotional and Journal Prompt

Kimberly Seals

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When dementia impacts a loved one's life, it becomes an entire village's journey. While there will be many unpredictable moments, hope, love, and peace can be found when we pause to remember that the God is with you along the way. No matter where you are in your journey, What Dementia Taught Me walks with individuals through the beginning, middle, and end stages. This twenty-one-day devotional and journal prompt invites readers into the author's personal dementia journey with her mother and help readers reflect on their journey as well. Although her story is still being written, this book offers a transparent look at the true emotions of any daughter, spouse, or caregiver. Read alone or with a group. You will remember to laugh, cry, and eat as God reveals himself to you on both your good and bad days. What Dementia Taught Me celebrates the life and legacy of your loved one through scripture, devotion, and prayer. Dementia will no longer feel like a lonely road but rather a community of friends as you engage with each daily entry.

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