Crisis Interrupted

A Parent's Guide to Residential Treatment for Children,Teens & Young Adults

Lucy Pritzker

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Have you tried everything to help your struggling child but nothing seems to work? Is your family suffering because of your child's school-related problems, behavior problems, drugs and alcohol use or chronic mental health issues? In Crisis Interrupted: A Parents' Guide to Residential Treatment for Children, Teens and Adults, renowned educational and therapeutic consultant, Lucy Pritzker, provides parents with expert details about the process of placing a child in residential treatment. A Professional member of the Independent Educational Consultant Association, Lucy compassionately and succinctly guides you through treatment options and what to expect. In this book you will discover: How to navigate the complex world of residential treatment Why some kids don't need therapeutic placement How to know if your child needs to be in a psychiatric hospital How to identify when you need help from an educational consultant How to get your resistant child to a program Why residential treatment works What to expect while your child is in a residential programLucy includes advice from parents who have had children in wilderness programs, supportive boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers and psychiatric hospitals. Help is out there, but only if you know where to find it. If you are the parent of a child or young adult who is out of control and you haven't found the right help, this book is for you.

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