Who Are You?

J.L. Stafford

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Who are you? Digging deep within ourselves can be daunting and divine. Some of us need to find ourselves again, and it doesn't happen by accident. Authentic existence requires vulnerability and accountability. It takes courage to reconnect with our innermost knowing. Not only does this collection of melodic prose provide you with emotional guidance, it also offers you the tools to encourage yourself to ask the difficult questions, hold yourself accountable, and embark upon your journey back to you. This journey is yours. Find your pace. There is no race. Just time and space. From birth to earth we go. Inevitably. All of us. -The RestructuringDo you feel stuck? Do you believe in you? This collection of poetry inspires you to look upon your innermost self and truly see who is there. The Restructuring invites you on a journey to free yourself from your emotional wounds and provides you with the tools to authentically see yourself.

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