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Behavioral Assessment and Case Formulation

Stephen N. Haynes, Joseph Kaholokula, William O'Brien, et al.

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Comprehensive, scientifically based coverage on conductingbehavioral assessments, analyzing results, and forming clinicalrecommendations Behavioral Assessment and Case Formulation thoroughlyoutlines the underlying principles of the behavioral assessmentprocess. This book clearly explains how the principles and methodsof behavioral assessment central to the formulation of functionalanalysis are also helpful in guiding strategies for determininginterventions and measuring the processes and outcomes. This comprehensive resource offers up-to-date answers torelevant questions of the clinical assessment process,including: * What is the best assessment strategy to use with a particularclient? * Which assessment methods will best capture a client's uniquestrengths,limitations, behavior problems, and interventiongoals? * How can data from multiple sources be integrated in order toyield a valid and clinically useful case formulation? * Which procedures should be enacted in order to insure a positiveclinician-client relationship? * How should intervention processes and outcomes be measured andmonitored? Filled with case studies, Behavioral Assessment and CaseFormulation provides guidelines for the application ofbehavioral assessment strategies and methods that can strengthenthe validity and utility of clinical judgments, as well as improvethe delivery of care.


(PsycCRITIQUES, February 2012)
"...Haynes et al. illustrate the process of case formulation by using what they refer to as the functional analytical clinical case diagram (FACCD). The FACCD is rich in detail and requires considerable knowledge of psychopathology, assessment methods, and intervention science."
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