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Veterinary Parasitology Reference Manual

William J. Foreyt

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Veterinärmedizin


Veterinary Parasitology Reference Manual, Fifth Edition is apractical, thorough, bench top reference for basic diagnosticveterinary parasitology. The manual provides pertinent informationon parasite life cyles, importance, location in the host, zoonoticpotential, current literature, diagnosis, and treatment. It alsoincludes step-by-step instructions for the most common diagnosticprocedures used in routine veterinary practice. Sections are organized by animal host species, including dogs;cats; cattle, sheep and goats; llamas; horses; pigs; birds; ratites(ostriches, emus, and cassowaries); and laboratory animals, as wellas wildlife, reptiles, marine mammals, and humans. There is asection in which common artifacts found in fecal samples arepresented, and the last section includes conversion tables and alist of abbreviations. Features of the Fifth edition include: * updated and enhanced references * information on new drugs * improved section on parasites of marine mammals * sections on parasites of laboratory animals and humans * over 500 photographs and figures Readers will find this to be an easily accessible and accurateresource for information about parasites in a variety of animals -wild, domestic, common and exotic.

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