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Fundamentals of Porphyrin Chemistry

A 21st Century Approach

Penelope J. Brothers (Hrsg.), Mathias O. Senge (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Organische Chemie


FUNDAMENTALS OF PORPHYRIN CHEMISTRY An indispensable and concise overview of the chemistry of porphyrins and related molecules In Fundamentals of Porphyrin Chemistry: A 21st Century Approach, a team of distinguished researchers delivers a compact and accessible introduction to the broad field of porphyrin chemistry. It discusses the basics of porphyrin synthesis and structure, as well as that of related molecules, and the current and future roles that porphyrins play in chemical transformations, materials design and synthesis, energy capture and transduction, human health, and the environment. This edited volume is a self-contained tutorial on concepts of critical importance to porphyrin chemistry and serves as the foundation for discussions about the applications of porphyrin-related compounds found in the second volume. This book contains: * A thorough introduction to porphyrins, including their structure, nomenclature, naturally occurring porphyrins, synthetic porphyrins, and common families of porphyrin-related compounds * Comprehensive explorations of chemical porphyrin synthesis, including how to synthesize porphyrins from simple, symmetric, and advanced ABCD-substituted porphyrins * Practical discussions of the physical characteristics of porphyrins, including their structural features, electronic structure, spectroscopy, magnetism, electrochemistry, and electron transfer processes Perfect for experienced academic researchers in the field of porphyrin chemistry seeking a quick reference, Fundamentals of Porphyrin Chemistry: A 21st Century Approach is also an indispensable resource for researchers new to the field who need an overview directing them to literature in more focused areas.

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