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Sales Enablement

A Master Framework to Engage, Equip, and Empower A World-Class Sales Force

Tamara Schenk, Byron Matthews

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Put buyer experience and selling resources front-and-center to boost revenue Sales Enablement is the essential guide to boosting revenue through smarter selling. A thorough, practical introduction to sales enablement best practices, this book provides step-by-step approaches for implementation alongside expert advice. In clarifying the sales enablement space and defining its practices, this invaluable guidance covers training, content, and coaching using a holistic approach that ensures optimal implementation with measureable results. Case studies show how enablement is used effectively in real-world companies, and highlight the essential steps leaders must take to achieve their desired sales results. Smarter buyers require smarter selling, and organizations who have implemented enablement programs attain revenue goals at a rate more than eight percent higher than those that do not. This book provides a 101 guide to sales enablement for any sales professional wanting to enhance sales and boost revenue in an era of consumer choice. * Understand sales enablement and what it can do for your company * Implement enablement using techniques that ensure sustainable, measureable performance impact * Adopt proven best practices through step-by-step advice from experts * Examine case studies that illustrate successful implementation and the impact of sales enablement on revenue Consumers are smarter, more connected, and more educated than ever before. Traditional sales strategies are falling by the wayside, becoming increasingly less effective amidst the current economic landscape. Companies who thrive in this sort of climate know how to speak to the customer in their own terms, and sales enablement keeps the customer front-and-center by providing sales people with the resources buyers want. Sales Enablement provides a scalable, sales-boosting framework with proven results.

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