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Paediatrics Lecture Notes

Jonathan C. Darling, James Yong

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Medizin


Paediatrics Lecture Notes covers the core aspects of caring for children in clinical practice, offering concise yet detailed information on examination, emergency care, nutrition, immunisation, infant and adolescent health, and more. Designed for medical students and junior doctors alike, this compact and easy-to-use textbook guides readers through each essential aspect of paediatric care, from normal and abnormal childhood development, to cardiology, gastroenterology and metabolic disorders. Throughout the text, key points, practice questions, treatment guides, learning logs and self-assessment tests help prepare readers for paediatric rotations and clinical examinations. Now in its tenth edition, this classic textbook features new and updated information that reflects changes in practice and recent advances in child and adolescent health. Providing a clear and accessible overview of paediatrics, this invaluable single-volume resource: * Presents an overview of paediatrics, including expanded materials on genetics, differential diagnosis, investigation for common presentations, and treatment and management of various conditions * Offers real-life advice and practical ways of gaining experience in paediatrics and career development * Includes OSCE stations, examination review tips, extended matching questions and additional online learning resources * Features an enhanced Symptom Sorter to quickly determine which conditions should feature in differential diagnoses Paediatrics Lecture Notes, Tenth Edition is a must-have guide for medical students and junior doctors in paediatric placements and preparing for clinical examinations.

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