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Equity Smart Beta and Factor Investing for Practitioners

Ronan G. Heaney, Khalid Ghayur, Stephen C. Platt, et al.

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A guide to the popular and fast growing investment opportunities of smart beta Equity Smart Beta and Factor Investing for Practitioners offers a hands-on guide to the popular investment opportunities of smart beta, which is one of the fastest growing areas within the global equity asset class. This well-balanced book is written in accessible and understandable terms and contains an in-depth manual filled with analytical information and new ideas. The authors--noted experts in the field--include a definition of smart beta investing and detail its history. They also explore the distinguishing characteristics of smart beta strategies, offer an overview of factor investing, and reveal the implementation of smart beta approaches. Comprehensive in scope, the book contains helpful examples of applications, real-life illustrative case studies, and contributions from leading and respected practitioners that explain how they approach smart beta investing. This important book: * Contains an in-depth exploration of smart beta investing * Includes the information written in clear and accessible language * Presents helpful case studies, illustrative examples, and contributions from leading and respected experts * Offers a must have resource coauthored by the Head of Goldman Sachs' equity smart beta business Written for investors who want to tap into the opportunities that smart beta offers, Equity Smart Beta and Factor Investing for Practitioners is the comprehensive resource for learning how to create more efficient overall equity portfolios.

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