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Notes on Canine Internal Medicine

Jessie Rose Payne, Victoria L. Black, Edward J Hall, et al.

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Veterinärmedizin


Canine Internal Medicine A thorough yet concise guide to diagnosing and managing canine medical conditions The newly revised Fourth Edition of Notes on Canine Internal Medicine delivers a comprehensive guide to the diagnosis of common and uncommon medical conditions in dogs. Written to act as a practical and fast-access subject reference for veterinary practitioners and students, Notes on Canine Internal Medicine encourages physicians to take a logical and evidence-based approach to canine medicine. Divided into five sections, the first four are dedicated to clinical presentations, physical and laboratory abnormalities, and - new to this edition - imaging patterns. It concludes with a section on the organ systems of canines, providing a robust summary of how to diagnose and manage common specific conditions of each system. This new edition includes: * A thorough introduction to the clinical presentations of a variety of presenting complaints, with both common and uncommon causes of each complaint and a logical diagnostic approach * In-depth examinations of common and uncommon physical problems, with a complete diagnostic approach including lab results and key imaging findings that aid in diagnosis * Comprehensive explorations of laboratory abnormalities in haematology, serum biochemistry, and urinalysis * Practical discussions of diagnostic imaging patterns, including plain radiographic, ultrasonographic, contrast radiographic, and cross-sectional imaging Notes on Canine Internal Medicine Fourth Edition is designed to be a useful resource for all veterinary clinicians; as a handy point of reference for veterinary students, recently graduated veterinary surgeons and those returning to work after career breaks, but also for experienced veterinary surgeons dealing with particularly difficult or challenging cases.

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