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Unique Methods for Analyzing Failures and Catastrophic Events

A Practical Guide for Engineers

Anthony Sofronas

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Chemie


A practical and accessible approach to machinery troubleshooting Unique Methods for Analyzing Failures and Catastrophic Events is designed to assist practicing engineers address design and fabrication problems in manufacturing equipment to support safe process operation. Throughout the book, a wealth of real-world case studies and easy-to-understand illustrated examples demonstrate how to use simplified failure analysis methods to produce insights for a wide range of engineering problems. Dr. Anthony Sofronas draws from his five decades of industry experience to help engineers better understand the science behind a particular problem, evaluate the failure analysis of an outside consultant, and recommend the best path forward to management. The author distills sophisticated engineering analysis approaches into compact, user-friendly methodologies that can be easily applied to the readers' own situations to avoid costly failures. Each chapter includes a thorough summary of the topic, relatable technical examples, and a concluding section with key takeaways and expert tips and advice. This invaluable guide: * Helps readers make better decisions while solving complex engineering problems * Provides numerous illustrated examples from engineering and science that can be used to develop real-world solutions * Features detailed descriptions of both basic and advanced engineering analysis techniques * Covers essential technical subjects that facilitate safe facility design and effective troubleshooting Unique Methods for Analyzing Failures and Catastrophic Events: An Illustrated Guide for Engineers is a must-have for chemical, petroleum, and mechanical engineers, reliability managers and technicians, design contractors, and maintenance workers working in process industries.

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