Fifty Key Thinkers on History

Marnie Hughes-Warrington

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


Fifty Key Thinkers on History is an essential guide to the most influential historians, theorists and philosophers of history. The entries offer comprehensive coverage of the long history of historiography ranging from ancient China, Greece and Rome, through the Middle Ages to the contemporary world. This third edition has been updated throughout and features new entries on Machiavelli, Ranajit Guha, William McNeil and Niall Ferguson. Other thinkers who are introduced include:Herodotus BedeIbn KhaldunE. H. CarrFernand BraudelEric HobsbawmMichel FoucaultEdward GibbonEach clear and concise essay offers a brief biographical introduction; a summary and discussion of each thinker's approach to history and how others have engaged with it; a list of their major works and a list of resources for further study.

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