Publishers, Libraries, Users, and Standards, Second Edition

Jim Cole, Wayne Jones

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Buchhandel, Bibliothekswesen


Stay on the cutting edge of the e-serials world with this updated edition!This new edition of the seminal 1998 volume gives you a comprehensive overview of the world of e-serials in one compact volume! With new contributions and updated chapters from authorities in their respective fields, this book covers publishing, pricing, copyright, acquisitions and collection development, cataloging and metadata, preservation and archiving, projects and innovations, indexing, uniform resource identifiers, and citation.From editor Wayne Jones: Most of the articles in the first edition have been retained, but because so much has happened with e-serials in the last three years, the authors have often had to completely restructure their work to reflect the current situation. There are new articles in this book too, exploring in more detail some topics which took up less room on the plate in the first edition--for example, experimentation by e-journal publishers and tracking titles in aggregator packages.This essential volume: looks at the cost of building and maintaining an e-serials collection examines the perspectives of e-serials customers, intermediaries, and negotiators presents an updated who, what, why, and when for online serials collection development shows how AACR2 can be applied to electronic journals examines electronic journals indexing provides several case studies, including D-Lib Magazine and ScienceDirect includes extensive bibliographies and suggestions for additional reading and much, much more!E-Serials: Publishers, Libraries, Users, and Standards, Second Edition is an essential volume for everyone interested in the nuts and bolts of today's e-serials!

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