Essential Law for Marketers

Ardi (Henley Business School, UK) Kolah

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''Essential Law for Marketers'' offers clear and concise explanations of the laws that impact on the practice of marketing, advertising, sponsorship, design and public relations, providing expert guidance on crucial issues for the busy practitioner.

Each chapter in the book offers, in simple English, full analysis of the law on each subject, and illuminates it with numerous examples and cases taken from current industry practice. It also offers helpful tips and suggestions for ''keeping it legal'' without losing sight of the overall commercial objectives.

Uniquely written from the practitioner''s point of view, the text is structured to offer a complete and accessible picture of how the law can impinge on the job:

* ''Point of law'' offers clear legal definitions or shows the generic application of a legal point in a real life context
* ''Law in action'' outlines actual legal cases and their outcomes, with full referencing for the case available on the companion site
* ''Insight'' offers background information, providing a broader practical or commercial context for a legal topic
* ''Checklist'' at end of each chapter itemises the key issues to bear in mind

Essential Law for Marketers covers all the key issues facing those working in the media. From making claims and statements, copyright, defamation, promotion and advertising, through to lobbying, cybermarketing and ambush marketing, it is an invaluable reference guide for anyone working within the sector. It also functions as an excellent learning resource for all marketing students who need to appreciate the legal implications of industry practice.

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