After the Holocaust

Challenging the Myth of Silence

Eric J. Sundquist (Hrsg.), David (University of Southampton and the Wiener Library, UK) Cesarani (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


For the last decade scholars have been questioning the idea that the Holocaust was not talked about in any way until well into the 1970s. After the Holocaust: Challenging the Myth of Silence is the first collection of authoritative, original scholarship to expose a serious misreading of the past on which, controversially, the claims for a ‘Holocaust industry’ rest. Taking an international approach this bold new book exposes the myth and opens the way for a sweeping reassessment of Jewish life in the postwar era, a life lived in the pervasive, shared awareness that Jews had narrowly survived a catastrophe that had engulfed humanity as a whole but claimed two-thirds of their number.

The chapters include:

    • an overview of the efforts by survivor historians and memoir writers to inform the world of the catastrophe that had befallen the Jews of Europe
    • an evaluation of the work of survivor-historians and memoir writers
    • new light on the Jewish historical commissions and the Jewish documentation centres
    • studies of David Boder, a Russian born psychologist who recorded searing interviews with survivors, and the work of philosophers, social thinkers and theologians
    • theatrical productions by survivors and the first films on the theme made in Hollywood
    • how the Holocaust had an impact on the everyday life of Jews in the USA
    • and a discussion of the different types, and meanings, of ‘silence’.


A breakthrough volume in the debate about the ‘Myth of Silence’, this is a must for all students of Holocaust and genocide.

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