The Purpose of Business

Contemporary Perspectives from Different Walks of Life

Albert Erisman (Hrsg.), David Gautschi (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


Business is a vital institution for a flourishing society, but there is mounting concern about its role in distorting wealth distribution, enabling and rewarding unethical behaviour, and despoiling the natural environment. A Consortium was formed in 2009 under the leadership of David Gautschi to bring together academics, business people, and interested members of society from around the world to discuss two questions: what is the purpose of business, and what is the role of the business school in the academy? Consortium Fellows gathered in eight sessions over five years from 29 countries to discuss, debate, and share perspectives on these questions. The Purpose of Business is an edited collection drawing from the perspectives of these sessions, with contributors from North America, South America, Europe, and Asia bringing culturally and intellectually diverse perspectives on these critical questions. This multifaceted work offers an exploration of business in relation to religion, art, neuroscience, geopolitics, energy, and beyond to inspire a better understanding of the role of business in the 21st century interconnected world.

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