Extending the Business Network Approach

New Territories, New Technologies, New Terms

Cecilia Pahlberg (Hrsg.), Virpi Havila (Hrsg.), Peter Thilenius (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Internationale Wirtschaft


Contributing pioneering new research, this innovative book proposes new ways and directions in which to extend the influential ‘business networks perspective’ approach to doing business. While previous research has focused upon relationships with customers and suppliers, the authors argue that there is a need to expand the outlook to include other stakeholders. Taking a stand in a broad management perspective, chapters relate contemporary issues within industrial and international marketing, product innovation, and information systems. Challenging existing views and proposing elaborate alternatives; this volume examines a range of examples that have inspired researchers to extend the business network. To provide further understanding, Extending the Business Network Approach relates current and new research to territories, technologies and terms to reveal novel insights, and to encourage further directions for research. 

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business network, business relationship, emerging markets, marketing, NGOs, internationalization