Value Economics

The Ethical Implications of Value for New Economic Thinking

M. R. Griffiths, J. R. Lucas

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Volkswirtschaft


The last financial crisis revealed a gap between business practice and ethics. In Value Economics, Griffiths and Lucas examine some of the reasons for this ethical gap and discuss the resulting loss of confidence in the financial system. One of the reasons has been hazy or inadequate thinking about how we value economic enterprises. With the close link between the creation of value and business ethics in mind, this book proposes that economic value should become the basic metric for evaluating performance in the creation of value, and for establishing fair and reasonable standards for executive compensation. Value Economics considers a number of rational philosophical principles for business management, on which practical codes of business ethics can be based. As the creation of value has moral implications for economic justice, the book reaffirms the argument for economics as a moral science, and seeks, within the context of proposed changes in the regulation and control of financial services, to answer the following question: will things really change after the last financial crisis?

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Business ethics, Corporate social responsibility, Philosophy of economics, Economics as moral science, Economic and intrinsic value