Recollections, Observations, Opinions and Confessions of a Plain Nobody

Sidney Elizabeth Waters

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One day I was given a suitcase full of memoirs and short stories that were written by my Grandma Sidney, (1898 - 1984). Everything was handwritten, the loose leaf pages lovingly fastened together with bits of yarn or string. Even though the script was arthritic and extremly difficult to read, I was immediately captivated by her down to earth stories. As I read Grandma Sidney's simple and poignant glimpses of rural life in Georgia I realized what an amazing woman she was. I was so moved by her recollections and the family history she recorded I just had to do what she was not able to do, publish some of her stories. In addition to Grandma Sidney's "e;Recollections"e; this book also contains two short stories, "e;Old Man Howdy's Day in Court"e; and "e;Preston Johnston's Takeover"e;.

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