Greco Robert Greco

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


What if you found yourself in a coma, unable to move or speak. What if you were really "e;there"e; behind that blank stare but nobody knew it. Jon Campanni, a world famous poet known as William Wythe in the literary world, is plunged into a coma after a car accident at the peak of his career. Brought to a state of the art neurology center in La Jolla, California, he is kept in optimal physical shape by the hospital's chief neurologist. His world becomes one of noises and shadows, existing only as thought in the synapses of his mind, buried deep within a body he can barely feel and can no longer move. Jon Campanni is cared for nightly by a young nurse, who drawing on past knowledge of holistic medicine, helps accelerate his healing. Life recurrence, and with it the possibility of time as a circle rather than a line, the story takes unexpected turns as the unlikely destiny of two people driven together by misfortune discover each other as true soul mates.

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Greco Robert Greco