Professionalism in the Practice of Physical Therapy

Tonya Y. Miller

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The definitive PT leadership/management guide brings you fully up to date on the latest developments in this ever-evolving field Physical Therapy Professionalism is the authoritative resource on the many roles today s PT professionals must master. In a world where the role of the physical therapist widens to include more primary care and diagnostic responsibilities, there is a deep need for a single, up-to-date resource that explores professional roles and developments in this changing field. This book answers this need.Concise yet comprehensive, Physical Therapy Professionalism covers every vital area important to PT professionalism, from documentation to law and ethics to leadership. With photographs, diagrams, and illustrations, it describes the PT foundations and principles you need to know, with every chapter including at least two cases, followed by questions designed to help you retain what you ve learned.

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