Old Fashioned Dealer's Choice Poker : The Kind Grandpa Used to Play

C. Stephen Badgley

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Ratgeber / Hobby, Haus


This book contains 41 games and variations of card games that have been played and enjoyed for generations and you don't have to be a poker pro or expert to play them. Long before television was invented, folks would gather at different houses for "e;Friday"e; or "e;Saturday"e; night poker parties. Dealer's Choice was the rule. Many games were invented at these "e;nights out"e; and their popularity spread across the nation with different names and variations being added as they were played in other areas by different folks. The games in this book are games that my friends and my family have played and enjoyed for over a half a century. These games are guaranteed to provide hours and hours of fun and excitement for you and your friends.

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