Magic Power of Your Higher Mind

Dormi D. Dormi

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Ratgeber / Lebensführung, Persönliche Entwicklung


This wonderful manuscript reveals a formula which enables you to attract, manifest, mold and shape anything in your life. There is a layer of the human psyche capable of acting upon anything that exists in the Universe. This powerful layer of the mind is concealed and hidden by the obstructing data stored in the Subconscious. When the Conscious Mind sends a strong command to this layer, anything you desire comes to manifest. This method is not something that has been written before and it's so powerful that could change your life overnight according to the directives you give it. The Higher Mind is what makes anything come true - once you know how to reach it. This book will teach you exactly how. Among other subjects written, you will also find easy methods to spot out intuitive answers from obsolete thinking, you will learn how to differentiate a simple dream from an Astral Projection and you will be provided with techniques that will sharpen your remote perception.