Devil and Company: A Near Miss

Vladamov N. Vladamov

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Belletristik / Science Fiction


After the prevention of a World War by a mysterious monopoly baron, a new industrial revolution roars to life. The manufacturing and design industry explodes with jobs and many young men are becoming wealthy overnight as corporations inflate to imperial sizes. In a post-1914 world, a young dame seeks her way into law school, but she can't wait to save up the tuition and boarding money. She plots to enter an industry overflowing with testosterone and a work environment not for the faint of heart or weak in health. However, there are barely any women in the field, most of them being aids and office assistants. The higher paying jobs, ones involving design and manufacturing on the factory floor, are left to the men. She will need more than a good resume to get the money she needs. The Devil and Company: A Near Miss is the first episode in a dramatic serial that captures the passion in love and war through a tale of professional and personal conflicts told by those in this relentless alternate reality.