Altruism by Design

How To Effect Social Change as an Architect

Adam R. Wilmes

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Architektur


Altruism by Design: How to Effect Social Change as an Architect is meant to prepare the individual designer - whether a student or practicing professional - for a career dedicated to serving communities in need through design and construction. It will help you understand the complexities, opportunities, and benefits of creating architecture that promotes social equality and community so that you can make a difference.What you'll learn:-How community-based studios can respond to natural disasters and economic conditions-How to build what you design-How to develop relationships with non-traditional clients-How to structure your career to be dedicated to social change and sustainable design-How to discover funding opportunities for projects in a not-for-profit firm-How to consider moral and financial aspects of your practice-How you can collaborate with other design professions to determine the future of the built environmentFeaturing detailed case studies, including work by Studio 804 and Pyotak Architects, and more than 100 color images; this book is essential reading for providing you with a viable path to altruistic design.

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