Observation, Assessment and Planning in Inclusive Autism Education

Supporting learning and development

Carmel Conn

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


This practical resource takes a holistic view of the learning and development of children with autism, taking into account the nature of their social-emotional learning and the transactional nature of difficulty. Using an interdisciplinary approach, this accessible and practical text invites practitioners, pupils and parents to reflect on their understandings, beliefs and values and to make appropriate adjustments in their practice. Split into five chapters, this book covers some of the main issues involved in observation-based teaching and learning, including:educational assessment for pupils with special educational needs and disabilitypoints to consider when observing autistic pupilsmethods for listening within inclusive autism educationlearning outcomes for autistic pupils in relation to well-being, social participation and communicationcompiling pupil profiles that are suitable for autistic pupils.Aligning research with practice, this sociocultural perspective on autism is of interest to teachers, learning support assistants and SENCos, as well as professionals working in an advisory capacity. Observation, Assessment and Planning in Inclusive Autism Education will also be of interest to students on courses that cover autism as well as anyone who wants to develop their practice and find new ways of supporting children and young people.

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