The Fearless School Leader

Making the Right Decisions

Cynthia Mc Cabe

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This book identifies the six fearless decisions that school leaders need to make to be successful. The author analyzes the top fears that impede effective leadership and lower student achievement, then provides a step by step antidote that will change fear into intention, increase confidence, and produce positive results in your school.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

• approach difficult classrooms and solve the problem of low-performing teachers
• gain the strength to accept judgment when making controversial decisions during the change process
• offer trust and gain it from your staff
• use reflection questions and techniques to align thoughts with your best intentions
• "re-wire" your thinking as you examine the risks that come with change
• take action on standardized test results to improve student learning
• feel comfortable making and implementing tough decisions

Learn how to change fear into intention so you are able to act with confidence and get the results you really want.

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