History of Gay People in Alcoholics Anonymous

From the Beginning

Audrey Borden

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The History of Gay People in Alcoholics Anonymous documents and honors the ways thousands of LGBT people have carried Alcoholics Anonymous' message. This illuminating chronicle includes interviews and documents that detail the compelling history, recovery, and wisdom of gay people in AA. The book examines the challenges AA faced as the fellowship endeavored to become a more inclusive and cohesive community. The first-person accounts narrate the important work of influential gay and straight AA members that led key events in AA's history. The author includes material on the steps and traditions of AA, and on becoming an ally to LGBT people on the road to recovery.Topics in The History of Gay People in Alcoholics Anonymous include: the gay origins of AA's Third Traditiona comparison of treatments for alcoholism and homosexualitycompelling portraits of sober gay life in the 1950s and 1960sthe debate in AA over meetings for gay alcoholicsinterviews with members and co-founders of the first gay AA meetingsthe history of the first gay AA/Al-Anon conferenceinterviews with pioneering gay addiction professionalsthe history of AA pamphlet "e;AA and the Gay/Lesbian Alcoholic"e;Alcoholics Together, and why a parallel AA organization for gay alcoholics formed in southern Californiastrategies AA's gay members developed to make their meetings simultaneously safe and public-and why some of them are still necessary todaymuch more The History of Gay People in Alcoholics Anonymous is an enlightening book for members of the LGBT and heterosexual recovering community, alcoholism and addiction professionals, as well as physicians, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, clergy, historians, sociologists, educators, students, and anyone interested in learning more about AA or this aspect of the community's history.

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