Fishing In Fire (McCall Mountain)

Trent Reedy

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


A wildfire threatens to turn a fishing trip deadly for a group of friends in this high-stakes adventure set in the American wilderness.

Things are tense for the middle schoolers in McCall, Idaho, so when Annette Willard suggests a fishing trip, Swann Siddiq, Kelton Fielding, and Hunter and Yumi Higgins all jump at the chance to get away from the drama.

The group ventures out into the Idaho woods to Annette’s favorite river spot. But with the other four coupling off, Yumi quickly feels like she’s the only one catching fish, not feelings. Letting the others stay behind, Yumi makes her way home when she runs into Swann’s rival, McKenzie Crenner, and her friends—and instantly connects with professional fisher Mason Bridger. But when they spot smoke rising in the woods between town and their fishing spot, they realize there’s a forest fire raging—and closing in on them. The two friend groups must put aside their feud and work together if they’re going to get out of the forest alive.