History Future Now

Fischer Tristan Fischer

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History Future Now investigates some of the big questions that concern us today such as migration, food security & climate change, middle class jobs, the rise of China and instability in the Middle East, through the twin lenses of history and the future. How do these issues compare to similar issues in the past and what impact will these issues have in the future?"e;Masterpiece puts crisis in historical context!"e; "e;I learned a lot of history. Have you thought of being a History Don, possibly with a TV program? You would knock the spots off all the poseurs and madmen who occupy that TV slot."e; "e;Wow. Wonderfully written. Great analysis skillfully put together."e;"e;This is an absolutely fascinating article both from an historic comparative perspective but also in terms of future projections."e;"e;A most perceptive approach to a pressing problem. What sort of existence will we leave for our descendants?"e; "e;Interesting article. I always find myself listening to your podcasts more than once!"e;

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