Dungeons & Mistresses I

Lilith Schwarz

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Rossaria Silvermoon is a young Elf girl, she lives her days in the city of Ahadport, capital of the Republic of The Five Kingdoms. She is the best Thief and the top Assassin in the realm. Lilibeth Mekarth, Lady of Shalerth will hire her to steal some amulet from The Knights of The Order of Light. Talebot Wolfclaw, a paladin of The Order of Light is investigating the brutal murder of men in the city, apparently done by a dark cult of sadistic Vampiresses, whorshippers of Kaly, The Goddess of Death. The Assassin Elf girl, the Paladin and the Lady will cross their paths on a epic adventure, discovering terrible secrets, fighting many battles and facing mortal enemies. Dungeon & Mistresses is a series of fantasy novels, this epic, sword and sorcery story dwelt heavily on hardcore Femdom and sexual slavery.

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