Ghost Girl in the Corner

Daniel Jose Older

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In this novella sequel to the New York Times-bestselling Shadowshaper, a couple is reunited by a missing black girl, a ghost haunting a newspaper office.Trying to shake off the strange malaise that separates her from even her girlfriend Izzy, Tee decides to take over the Bed-Stuy Searchlight for the summer. But then she finds an alluring violet dress in the newspaper office, and a cute ghost girl no one else can see.Izzy can tell Tee's drifting away from her-she misses Izzy's shows and skips shadowshaper practice-and she won't stand for it. Yet when a girl goes missing in Bed-Stuy, Izzy needs Tee to get the word out and help investigate. Can they break through their distance and reconnect before someone else dies?Reviews for the New York Times-bestsellingShadowshaper:"e;Magnificent."e; -New York Times Book Review"e;A must."e; -Kirkus Reviews"e;Exceptional."e; -Publishers Weekly"e;Smart writing with a powerful message that never overwhelms the terrific storytelling."e; -Booklist"e;Joyful and assertive and proud, and makes me want to read everything else of Older's, for more of these voices, connections and lives."e; -National Public Radio

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