The Reflective Journal

Barbara Bassot

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sozialwissenschaften allgemein


This is a must-have companion for those on placement or in professional practice – or indeed anyone who is being encouraged to reflect more deeply on what they do.

A powerful tool for processing your thoughts, feelings and actions, The Reflective Journal will lead you to a deeper understanding of your working practice, enabling you to achieve your professional goals.

With writing space for your own thoughts and an abundance of advice on personal development, this is an essential resource for reflection that you can make completely your own. Providing an introduction to all the key theories of critically reflective practice, structured activities, examples and helpful writing prompts, it is ideally suited for students and practitioners in:
- Nursing, midwifery and allied health professions
- Social work
- Counselling and psychotherapy
- Teaching and learning support
- Career guidance and advice work
- Youth and community work
- Business and management

This fourth edition includes fresh material on self-awareness, reflexivity, anti-oppressive practice and emotional intelligence, along with brand new journal extracts and new exercises to tackle ''blocks to reflection''.

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